The One

Hangzhou, China

The One

Turri presents its sample apartment in the prestigious building The One in Hangzhou.

Located in the pulsing heart of the city in a very central commercial area devoted to high-end shopping, The One in Hangzhou, Eastern China, is currently one of the most prestigious, modernly conceived residential urbanisation projects. It was designed to improve the lives of its residents thanks to the presence of green areas and a wide range of services for everyday life and leisure.

The sample apartment commissioned to Turri was finished and sold to a private customer in record time, less than 24 hours after its official presentation.

A special, turnkey project: 410 square metres entirely conceived by Andrea Bonini, a designer who creates new product exhibition spaces for Turri. The apartment was mainly furnished with pieces from the Avalon, Noir and Madison Collections designed by Bonini himself.
The One confirms Turri’s ability to manage complex turnkey projects and customise living spaces with refined and sophisticated taste.

Every aspect of the apartment was studied, from its rooms’ internal divisions up to the colours, from its furnishings to its complements and accessories.
The common thread connecting the entire project stays true to the Italian values of uniqueness and elegance and the modern and dynamic character of the city of Hangzhou.

The materials used are always precious, for example Italian marble worked and inlaid to create geometric designs that enhance the spaces and underline their functions.
The wall panel trims are in beige leather. The wood panelling features rounded pilaster workmanship with a retro inspiration and was custom-made by expert craftsmen coordinated by Turri.

The furnishings are in shades of beige and brown with dots of colour in powder-blue shades, which in Chinese culture evoke the concept of springtime and bring good omens.
With always well-balanced, elegant and contemporary taste, the furnishings blend perfectly with the city’s dynamic spirit.

The project was implemented by the developer Binjiang in collaboration with For.D, Turri’s dealer in Hangzhou.