Salone Internazionale del mobile 2019



The Turri 2019 collections are testament to a new, and more contemporary identity. They represent a multi-faceted strategy to change identities, and embrace an increasingly modern style.

ZERO collection designed by Andrea Bonini. This family of furnishing accessories skilfully translates the company’s new decidedly more modern philosophy. Zero is a project created to bring out clean lines, elegance and formal balance without the over use of decorative elements, focussing instead on the choice of materials and their skilful craftsmanship, on which Turri is based.

VINE collection, enveloping upholstery and slim wood structures, similar to branches, are the common thread linking the elements of the new collection, designed by architect Frank Jiang for Turri, which will be presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile.

MILANO collection a new approach to style designed by Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli. A successful and constructive partnership that has given rise to a new collection of home furnishings designed for various indoor spaces, enhancing the company’s catalogue with new possibilities of expression.

EDGE desk. Some see an archipelago in its lines, or a naturally disordered landscape, or a perfect city skyline, or even a collage of geometries or a folded sheet of paper, like open origami. With Edge, the new desk designed by Daniel Libeskind and presented at the Salone del Mobile, Turri is the culmination of a change that has involved all aspects of the company identity this year, giving it a more modern and up-to-date style. Edge, like the image of the new trade fair stand itself, is a milestone in the history of the “new Turri”, faithful to tradition but with an increasingly contemporary orientation.