Milan Furniture Fair 2017

Pad. 1 stand A07-B06

Turri is present at Salone del Mobile from the very first edition of the event, in 1961. Turri not only takes the opportunity of the Fair to show the new collections but also it believes this is a moment of intense exchange aimed to influence the future stylistic choices of the brand. Turri, with its luxury collections, has evolved together with the Fair event up to today. In 2017 the Company aspires to an epochal stylistic revolution never seen before. Lines and shapes become clean to express a contemporary and elegant atmosphere; the welcoming warmth of refined settings, blends with materials and nuances inspiring natural glam. The news of this year is represented by the Madison collection, designed by Andrea Bonini, with whom Turri cooperates since three years Madison is a collection with a contemporary spirit , recalling atmospheres from the 60ties : “we have re-created settings with an elegance typical of the Hollywood world, inspired by architectural references such as the Avalon hotel and the Frank Sinatra house, the famous Twins Palm of Palm Springs”- says the designer of the collection, Andrea Bonini “a modernity which is a deep declaration of style, with strong colors and natural nuances, combined to light and linear structures.” Madison furnishes the dining room, the living room and the bedroom with iconic elements, the design becomes the main character and embellishes itself with unique details and top quality materials. A breath –taking waterfall welcomes the visitor and invites him to get into the innovative Turri universe. A majestic beginning which creates big expectations. The path in Turri House continues in several settings, revealing different sensations. The visitor is accompanied into the first ambience, which belongs to Madison collection, with a living room, a dining room and a bedroom. These areas are pulled together to another living room, composed by the new Avalon corner sofa, and to the junior bedroom with Plaza bed. New materials and touches of colors play with contrasts and harmonies, typical of this collection which is inspired by the 60ties elegance. The visitor is then attracted by the Music room, where he can enter a different dimension, made of luxury and greatness. An enormous red chandelier, composed by original artistic Murano glass, is the main character of this space, hanging in the middle of the Mayfair capitonné sofa set. The beauty of this handcrafted masterpiece, in a room perfused of music, brings the client into a contemplative atmosphere. The following room has been created in cooperation with the J&A Studio, directed by the famous Chinese designer Jiang Feng. The new collection is a complete innovation, with a dining room made in Canaletto nut wood, details in light leather and metals which emphasize the design. A modernity looking to the Orient World, where the Italian Artisan Experience blends with the Chinese innovation and taste, by creating a new concept of design. By proceeding inside the Turri stand, the most successful collections Noir, Blanche and Vogue are presented in a new version. Into an open space the visitor enjoys the Noir living room and the Vogue dining set, where new materials, strong chromatic combinations, natural nuances, unprecedented lacquered finishings are presented The Vogue round Table is the main element of the dining room, thanks to the Port Black marble top, a deep black with white veinings, which is in contrast with the soft and light nuances of the furniture, like vitrine, cupboard and chairs. The Vogue bedroom is in a version of a strong glam spirit, in a delicate Cipria color. Finally, Designed to amaze, The Turri Penthouse. The Turri Penthouse is a space which takes inspirations from the luxury penthouses with exclusive services and precious finishings. The Noir bedroom is accompained by a new walking wardrobe. Turri thinks about an innovative system to organize the spaces of the night area, with latest technologies and refined design. Vogue office and Blanche sitting interact between them with harmony, in an open space dedicated to conviviality and hospitality, both for business and for leisure. The warm color leather coverings match to the dark lacquered woods and to the natural marbles surfaces. In a more snug and intimate area we find the Noir dining room, in a particularly precious edition. The table and chairs are presented in an hand-decorated dark briar effect finishing together with dark brown leathers. The sideboard and the single vitrine with motorized rotating side mechanisms stand out thanks to their coverings in pomegranate-color leather. Turri always aims to reach new targets, an innovative stand where it can display the latest creations, a unique occasion to proof its abilities in projects and design.