Flagship Store MILANO

The design, by Andrea Bonini, responsible for some of Turri’s must-have collections, better reflects the company’s new, more modern image. The space, given its exclusive location, was envisaged as a prestigious fashion boutique or an art gallery. Warm, inviting and sophisticated, the new shop design focuses on a palette of fine materials, selected to frame and bring out the pieces on display. Andrea Bonini combines dark glossy lacquered oak with an elegant texture, and hand-finished matt Venetian plaster, each referencing elegant Italian interiors of the past, with architectural elements that evoke Eastern culture, such as the large hanging grids.

“All the partition elements,” says the designer, “are designed to be perceived as seemingly separate elements, but they are also useful for creating plays of levels and transparencies. From the outside, therefore, we can easily see the entire vastness of the interior space, even though in the end the various rooms are clearly delimited. Then there’s the light to emphasise this multi-level play, for which we did an in-depth study”.

Finally, all areas of the showroom are visually connected by the arabesque marble floor, which creates a light and linear design with decorative metal elements.

The new Turri showroom is an elegant meeting place for forging new business connections or simply for seeking inspiration. A place in the heart of Milan where we can rediscover the history and “value of design”.

Italy – Milano
Via Borgospesso, 11
Ph. +39 02.76340657

MM Montenapoleone